How does CLEAR stop dandruff for longer?

How does CLEAR stop dandruff for longer?

‘Having seen the fundamental role the barrier can play our next challenge was how we can use this knowledge to make a real difference in preventing the return of dandruff. That’s when we started to look at the opportunity to create a step-change in the care we can give to the barrier, both in increasing the nutrition to the scalp and in utilizing the most powerful scalp care actives*’

In addition, knowing that male scalp’s are more prone to dandruff, CLEAR has customized CLEAR MEN with Climbazole – A Unilever scalp active that doesn’t just stop dandruff at the source, it’s known to increase the production of proteins** which help build a stronger scalp barrier by strengthening the skin cells.

The result is CLEAR’s new Nutrium 10 technology. Specially formulated with a unique blend of 10 nutrients, its deep-nourishing formula doesn’t just provide superior care for scalp - its clinically proven to actively restore lipids, restoring the natural protection the scalp needs to help stop dandruff coming back.

* From Clear
**In the skin outer layers, based on lab in-vitro test.