What is the best way to look after hair and scalp?

Keep your scalp cleanKEEP YOUR SCALP CLEAN The first and most important step in scalp care is to keep your scalp clean by washing it regularly. Washing not only cleans your scalp but also reduces the clogging of pores. You should use a nourishing shampoo to wash your hair everyday like Clear with Nutrium 10, that activates^ your scalp’s natural protection layer.

Scalp is skin tooSCALP IS SKIN TOO Scalp is the weakest section of our skin, make sure you protect your scalp from harsh weather and chemicals like chlorine that irritate BOTH your hair and your scalp. Use CLEAR Complete Care with a blend of 10 nutrients that provides intense hydration for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair from root to tip.

What's your scalp type?WHAT'S YOUR SCALP TYPE? Much like skin, the scalp too can be broadly divided into three types — normal, oily and dry. To take care of your scalp, you need to determine what your scalp type is and what your scalp concerns are. Take Dandruff-Proof* Challenge to find out NOW!

Your scalp can get sensitive tooYOUR SCALP CAN GET SENSITIVE TOO When too much moisture escapes your scalp, your pores are exposed which provides an opening for harmful substances to enter your scalp. This irritates the scalp and causes it to react with itching, burning, redness, dandruff or tightness. Ensure your scalp is well hydrated with CLEAR Intense Hydration with Cactus Extract that replenishes dry scalp with essental hydration.