How well do you know your scalp?

Male and female scalps are not the sameMale and female scalps are not the same It’s probably something you always had a hunch was true, but it’s scientifically proven that male scalps are genetically greasier then female scalps, so use CLEAR, which is specifically formulated for female scalps. While the men in your life can use CLEAR MEN, which is engineered specifically for male scalps.

Hair has a high growth rateHair has a high growth rate Apart from bone marrow, hair from a healthy scalp is the fastest growing tissue in the human body, producing six inches of new hair every year. Make sure it's healthy and dandruff-proof* by using CLEAR, to active your scalp's natural protection layer.

Every strand of hair has its storyEvery strand of hair has it's story The health of a strand of hair is determined by its scalp and can reveal a person's diet. So be sure to keep it healthy by maintaining a well balanced diet that includes enough vegetables, fresh fruit, and a source of protein.

Beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalpBEAUTIFUL HAIR COMES FROM A HEALTHY SCALP You need to nourish your scalp. For strong beautiful hair. Use CLEAR Complete Care with a blend of 10 nutrients that provides intense hydration for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair from root to tip.