Secrets of your hair and scalp

Never use your girlfriend's shampooNever use your girlfriend's shampoo Clear Men is specially formulated for the male scalp it is genetically greasier than female scalps. So stop using your girlfriend's shampoo and start using Clear Men, customized scalp nutrition for men.

Protein equals great hairProtein equals great hair Hair is composed of mostly protein and your scalp needs protein to stay fresh, so get as much of it as you can by including a serving of protein such as chicken or beef for lunch and dinner.

How does hair grow healthy and strong?How does hair grow healthy and strong? Like a plant, 99% of hair’s natural essential nourishment comes from the scalp. So make sure you feed the scalp with the nutrients it needs by using Clear Men with Bio Nutrium 10, a blend of 10 pro-vitamins and mineral nutrients specially formulated for male scalps.

Dandruff is more common than you thinkDANDRUFF IS MORE COMMON THAN YOU THINK More than 50% of people will get dandruff, an exaggerated form of dry scalp. Make sure one of them isn't you by using Clear Men, and activating^ your scalp's natural protective layer so you can be dandruff-proof*.